Project Review and AUDIT

cold eye review of a project

Control risks by requesting low-cost cold eye review of your project. >> Request via Contact page.

Specialized Project Management Services

Engineering, Procurement, Logistics, Environmental Management.

Straighten Engineering, Procurement, and Logistics to improve quality, reduce cost, and minimize impact to the environment through modularization, optimization, and innovation.

Innovative Petroleum Infrastructure Development

New solutions for Onshore and Offshore Facilities from Modules to Islands.

One example includes the development and the construction of a prototype of Hydrostatically Supported Sand Structure in 15 meter water depth as a possible design for exploration islands in the Canadian Beaufort Sea.

Integrated “Green” Water Supply, Power Generation & Storage

Sustainable low-cost solutions to “green” water and electricity delivery.

Integration of directional drilling technology with the development of mini-water supply plus electrical power generation & storage. This technology is focused on efficiently using hydraulic energy from rivers in remote regions for remote communities and exploration camps.