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As a Professional Engineer registered in Alberta, Canada, Max Chernetsov has over 23 years of capital construction procurement and logistics experience with major Oil & Gas and Mining companies on several multi-billion projects valued near $22 Billion in North America, Europe, Asia, and Africa. He is based in Calgary, Canada and is fluent in English and Russian - both written and spoken.

Igor Pisarev is a certified Supply Chain Management Professional with solid background in oil and gas industry and over 12 years of direct experience in procurement, materials management and logistics environments within both private and public sectors. Well versed in best supply chain management practices, Igor brings multidimensional domestic (Alberta) as well as international (Middle East, Russia and FSU) expertise in setting up and managing complex supply chains and processes.

With our international team, we want to set standards for the planning and implementation of projects dealing with renewable energy in a more cost-effective manner. Both from viewpoint of the planner, as well as the energy supplier, we help with streamlining the processes through a broad perspective from the up-to-date and manufacturer-independent engineering.

In addition to Germany, our main focus is primarily set on dynamically growing markets such as Brazil, Canada, Argentina, USA or Australia. A further aspect besides the storage of electrical energy is the proper disposal of old plants.

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