Data Visualization

If a picture is worth a thousand words, interacting with your data is worth a million. Vizworx’s core competence is data visualization – enabling their customers to make faster and better decisions through dramatically improving their ability to engage with and understand their data. They succeed in integrating sophisticated technology with the psychology behind how people absorb information.

Virtual and Augmented Reality (VR/AR)

Looking to wow your clients and/or increase your efficiency through interactive 3D engagements? Vixworx’s VR/AR development experience, with platforms including Microsoft HoloLens, will turn your possibilities into reality. See how things would really work, from new engineering infrastructure to a new interactive marketing strategy. Bring innovation, efficiency and creativity to your company and clients before your competition does.

Geospatial Systems

Geospatial data is everywhere. From large scale infrastructure projects, to oil and gas, mining and forestry, to deciding the best location to open a new restaurant or just find a good restaurant, understanding geospatial context has become integral to your success. VizworX has a passion for making geospatial information more accessible, interactive and useful with years of experience building spatial data systems.

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